Title: St. Mary's Boatmen's Association.
'Wizard' Jet-Boat.

The 'WIZARD' Jet-Boat Services


During the winter of 2003-2004 the members of St. Mary's Boatmen's Association set up St. Mary's Jet-Boat services Ltd. in order to build the "Wizard" and set up a new high speed service.

The Wizard has enabled us to develop a new range of scheduled trips, using the speed of the boat to cover a lot of ground (or sea!) in a short time, making these trips particularly ideal for daytrippers. It also provides a year round Water Taxi Service and can be privately hired or used in conjunction with the scheduled association services to provide our passengers with a more flexible timetable.

On occasions the Wizard can even provide an emergency link to the mainland.

For more details of the Wizard's services use the links or the Wizard drop down menu, or contact us.

  Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall boarding the Wizard at St. Mary's Quay.
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