Title: St. Mary's Boatmen's Association.
Pilot Gig Racing, a local sport that can be enjoyed twice weekly.

Cruise on the evening tide


Evening Trips

Through the warmer months we operate a variety of evening trips. These include Shearwater Specials, Supper boats to St. Agnes, Trips to Samson and trips to follow the gig races.

St. Agnes Evening Service
From May until mid-September, this operates most nights when the weather is fit. Departure is usually at 6PM and while giving you plenty of time for a stroll on St. Agnes, the highlight of the evening is usually a visit to the "Turks Head" pub for a meal or a drink.

Shearwater Special
We try to run this twice a week from early May until late August., usually on Monday and Thursday evenings. The trip will take you to Annet, the bird sanctuary to view the breeding seabirds (including puffins until mid-July) and then on to look for the elusive Manx Shearwaters. By day these birds are usually far out at sea but in the evenings they collect together on the water off Annet and to witness this evening assembly of the Manx Shearwaters is a truly memorable experience. An expert commentary is given on these trips by renowned ornithologist Will Wagstaff. Departure is usually at 8PM but will be a little earlier early and late in the season.

Gig Racing
The six oared pilot gigs were originally built to race to put pilots aboard sailing ships approaching the islands. Today some of these same boats have been restored and race alongside more recently built replicas. A gig race is a wonderfully colourful sight and is a good evenings' sport for participants and spectators alike. Races are rowed over a variety of courses and the times of boats going out to watch them will be advertised on the boards on the quay. The ladies race on Wednesday evenings and the men on Friday evenings. Some races finish on the off islands and on these occasions watching the race can usually be combined with a visit to the island hostelries before returning to St. Mary's.

Other special evening trips may appear from time to time. These may include a trip to the uninhabited island of Samson for a picnic supper, or a trip to watch a theatre club performance or a band playing on one of the off islands. Watch the boards on the quay.

  Notice board advertising evening boat trips on St. Mary's Quay.

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