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The Osprey passing through Tresco Channel.

Daily Boat Trips from St. Mary's Quay


Circular Trips

We aim to run two or three circular trips each day, but their operation is largely determined by tide and weather conditions. A selection of the trips we offer are outlined below. Circulars depart at 10.15 with a smaller selection at 2.00. After the trip you can usually visit one of the off islands at no extra charge or return immediately to St. Mary's.

* Eastern Isles
* Bishop and Western Rocks
* Annet
* The Norrard Rocks
* Round Island Lighthouse
* Around St. Mary's
* Seabird Special
* A Cruise in the Past

Eastern Isles
A one and a half hour cruise around this idyllic group of a dozen uninhabited islands nestling in the Eastern corner of Scilly, is our most popular circular trip. The Eastern Isles are one of the best places for viewing the Atlantic Grey Seals as well as offering a wonderful variety of seabirds. This trip lands at St. Martins.

Bishop and Western Rocks
This is our longest trip and takes about two hours. You will visit Annet, the bird sancturary to look for Puffins (from April until lat July) and then cruise on through the Western Rocks, visiting shipwreck sites and viewing the seals. The climax to the trip is the visit to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse, the most South Westerly point in Britain. Take the opportunity to do this trip early in your holiday as adverse weather can stop us doing it for many days at a time. This trip is done in the mornings and lands at St. Agnes.

Annet is a bird sancturary, closed for landing throughout much of the year because of the large number of breeding seabirds. The main attractions of Annet are the Puffins, but you can also expect to see a wide variety of other seabirds. The trip lasts about one and a quarter hours and can be combined with a visit to St. Agnes. The trip is done in the afternoons and in the mornings when conditions are not good enough for the Bishop Rock trip and will only be done until late July.

The Norrard Rocks
The Norrard Rocks are a group of rugged rocks and islands, located to the North and West of Samson and Bryher. They include Mincarlo, Scilly Rock and Maiden Bower, to name but a few. This one and a half hour trip is an excellent opportunity to see both seals and seabirds (including Puffins until late July) in one relatively short trip. Lands at Tresco or Bryher.

Round Island Lighthouse
This one and a half hour trip takes in Round Island with it's lighthouse, Tean, St. Helens and all the other little rocks and islands that are located in the area between Tresco and St. Martins. This is an area that is rich in history. You will also visit Men-A-Vaur, an imposing rock that is home to many seabirds. Puffins are often seen here up until late July. Lands at Tresco, Bryher or St. Martins (the islands landed on depend on weather and tides).

Around St. Mary's
This is an easy way to see the coast of St. Mary's! In any case, you get a completely different perspective from the sea. As you go around you will see all of the points of interest. If the tide permits you will go in and out of the various bays. The trip takes about one and a quarter hours and lands at St. Agnes or Tresco (depending on which way round you go).

Seabird Special
This is not to be missed by anyone with an interest in birds. On this two hour trip you will visit many of the rocks and islands where the various seabirds nest and roost, looking for as many different types of sea and shore birds as possible. A comprehensive commentary is given by wildlife expert Will Wagstaff. The trip is run once a week, usually on Sundays as near to high tide as possible. When run in the morning you can land on Tresco or Bryher afterwards.

A Cruise in the Past
Sit back on the boat and enjoy looking at and hearing about many of the sites of historical and archaeological interest which give an insight into Scilly's fascinating past. An expert commentary is given by Katharine Sawyer. The route will vary so as to make best use of the tide and weather conditions. We try to run this trip once a week, so watch the blackboards on St. Mary's for details.


Sightseeing onboard at the Bishop Rock Lighthouse.

Adults £15.00
Children £7.50

Adults £17.00
Children £8.50

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Enjoy a trips to view the local seabirds and seals.

Meridian at Carn Near, Tresco.

View towards Bishop Rock Lighthouse.

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