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The Sea King.

Introducing the Association Boats & their Skippers


The Sea King

Skipper: Fraser Hicks

The Sea King was built in 1947, by Mashfords. This Plymouth built launch is pitch pine on oak frames of 'Carval' construction.

Fraser says how he became a member of the St. Mary's Boatmen's Association:
"My father (Mike Hicks) and I purchased of the launch 'Black Swan' in March 1985. I approched the members of the St. Mary's Boatmen's Association and asked for their approval of my joining, and I am pleased to say I was accepted!"

Fraser ran the Black Swan, an ex naval Liberty Boat, from 1985 until 1995, at which point he took over the Sea King from his father.

Fraser's grandfather, Gee Hicks, and father Mike Hicks, were founder members of the St. Mary's Boatmen's Association in 1958, along with several members of his family. Fraser now works alongside his brothers: Alec Hicks - Skipper of the Kingfisher and Stephen Hicks - Skipper of the Seahorse; and his cousins: Joe Badcock - Skipper of the Guiding Star and David Badcock - Skipper of the Britannia.

Fraser says that his favorite boating trip is: "The Bishop Rock Lighthouse and Western Rocks - this trip is the most professionally challenging."
  Fraser Hicks - Skipper of the Sea King.
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