Title: St. Mary's Boatmen's Association.
The Seahorse.

Introducing the Association Boats & their Skippers


The Seahorse

Skipper: Stephen Hicks

The Seahorse is the only local built boat presently in the Association, commissioned by Stephen Hicks himself and built on St. Mary's by boat builder Peter Martin. She was launched in July 1997 and is a Class VI and VI(A) Passenger Launch.

Before the Seahorse, Steve operated both the Sea King and Black Swan for 5-6 years which are Class VI passenger boats. He has been a member of the Association for approximately 5 years.

Steve became a member of the Boatmen's Association on retirement of his father Mike Hicks. His other family members currently in the Assciation are his two brothers Fraser (Sea King) and Alec (Kingfisher).

For his favorite boating trip Steve says: "Any trip if the weather is good!"

  Stephen Hicks - Skipper of the Seahorse.
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