Title: St. Mary's Boatmen's Association.
The Golden Spray.

Introducing the Association Boats & their Skippers


The Golden Spray

Skipper: Mark Bromham

The Golden Spray is an open passenger launch, built in Margate in 1947. This boat is Mahogany on Oak.

Roy Duncan joined the St. Mary's Boatmen's Association 37 years ago with agreement from exisitng members, on the purchase of the Golden Spray. The launch was was already part of the association, and acquired from the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company.

Roy, who grew up on the islands, says that his favorite boating trip: "In good weather, high tide and calm, is Round Island Lighthouse, St. Helen's, Men-A-Vaur, North Tresco and Shipman Head".

  Roy Duncan - Skipper of the Golden Spray.
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