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The Britannia.

Introducing the Association Boats & their Skippers


The Britannia

Skipper: David Badcock

The Britannia was built in 1944 in Scotland by 'Admiralty. The boat is of double diagonal construction and has been part of St. Mary's Boatmen's Association since 1967.

David Badcock is part of one of the founding families of the Boatmen's Association which was formed in 1958, with his father, David, uncle and cousins all being previous and current members. Those family members within the association at present are Joe Badcock - Skipper of the Guiding Star, Stephen Hicks - Skipper of the Seahorse, Fraser Hicks - Skipper of the Sea King and Alec Hicks - Skipper of the Kingfisher.

David has been part of St. Mary's Boatmen's Association since leaving school, from when he crewed on-board for 17 years and has now been skipper for 8 years.

David does have a favorite boating trip... but he won't tell us which one!!! (it's probably to the Mermaid).
David has his own photography website: www.scillytime.co.uk

  David Badcock - Skipper of the Britainnia.
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