Title: St. Mary's Boatmen's Association.
Association boats alongside St. Mary's Quay.

Introducing the Association Boats & their Skippers

The Boats

The Boatmen's Association was formed in 1958 and in over 40 years of operation has established a reputation of which we are proud. Today all the large passenger boats from St. Mary's belong to the Association so that we can work together to provide visitors with the best possible service and a happy and friendly boating environment. The Association boats are individually owned and operated by their skippers. The boats are rigorously inspected annually by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

* Britannia
* Golden Spray
* Guiding Star
* Kingfisher
* Meridian
* Osprey
* Sapphire
* Seahorse
* Sea King
* Surprise

Because we have 11 boats, only the Assciation is usually able to offer you a choice of return times, so you return when you want to, not when the boatman wants you to! See our Schedule.
  The Wizard Jet-Boat.

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